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Nude ballet video

I will never forget what kind of party my friends had for me when I was 21. They rented a country house and brought me there. We smoked and drank alcohol, shared our stories. Our company was purely male. The evening was in full swing. But at one point the doorbell rang. As it turned out, my friends decided to organize another surprise for me. Once I mentioned that I really like flexible girls …

Naked ballerina’s video

And now on the threshold stood 2 lovely ballerinas in ballet tutus. It took them a few minutes to get ready and start their performance. At first, the girls danced slowly, and then they began to dance faster and faster, increasing the pace. One was blonde and the other redhead. They were so different but very sexy. The guys were divided over who dances better and invited the girls to dance in turn. And the one who loses should have undressed. A blush filled the cheeks of the ballerinas. But my friends promised to double the price for these dances, and they still agreed.

Young nude ballet dancers

At first, the redhead danced. Well, it’s worth noting that she was technically great. Her splits and plie were perfect for me. Yet her dance lacked passion. The blonde lost to her in technical skill. But she did everything gracefully and looking into our eyes. It was simply impossible to resist her sexuality and charisma. And the blonde won.

Young nude ballet dancer’s video

The redhead had to take off her clothes, and she stood confused in front of us. Then the blonde decided to help her, unlaced her corset and pulled her skirt with pantyhose down. And in an instant, an absolutely nude ballet dancer appeared before us. Her red hair was tousled and was now falling in waves over her shoulders and her petite boobs with brown nipples. She shyly covered her pussy with her hands. She looked so innocent and defenseless that I tore off the coverlet from the sofa and wrapped nude ballerina in it. The red-haired beauty looked at me gratefully. And the guys wanted to continue.

And now the blonde is dancing a passionate striptease for the money that my comrades promised her. This naked ballet dancer has slightly larger boobs than her friend, and the nipples are not pink, but dark brown. And her ass was rounder and juicier than that of the redhead. After the dance, she also wrapped herself in a blanket, and we invited ballerinas to our table.

Ballet porn video

Time passed quickly, and the girls got drunk very quickly. They have already forgotten that they need to cover their naughty bits. Therefore, from time to time, we all admired the beautiful boobs of nude ballet dancers. Then we decided to dance and entrusted the first dance to me as a birthday boy. One nude ballerina hugged me from behind and pressed her hot body against me. And the second girl threw her arms around my neck and also pressed herself against me. Of course, it could hardly be called a dance. I felt more and more excited by the fact that two naked ballerinas were hugging me. The girls rubbed their hard nipples and wonderful pussies against me, and I could hardly restrain myself so as not to bend them over and not to fuck. The music ended, and now I sat down on the couch watching my friends dance with nude ballet dancers.

Flexible naked ballerinas

Flexible naked ballerina’s video

I myself did not understand how our slow dances smoothly turned into flexible sex. I watched my friend brush his lips to the blonde’s neck, then kiss the back of her. Then he began stroking her titties and, not seeing resistance, pressed his lips to her small nipples. The girl caved in and groaned. He continued to kiss her breasts, tilting her more and more back until she did the bridge. Then he began to stroke her naked pussy with his other hand. The blonde could not resist in such a position, so without thinking twice, the second of my friends put his lips on her tender virgin pussy and began to lick it. It looked like real gymnastics porn!

Naked ballet porn video

Meanwhile, the red-haired ballerina was also busy. She lifted her long leg up, and one of the guys held it with one hand and squeezed her small tits with the other. Her pussy lips were stretched, and her little pink hole was visible. I could not resist, went up to her, and slowly began to thrust my finger into it. When she moaned, I realized that she liked it and began kissing her lips passionately. I was in a fog of alcohol and excitement. I wanted to enjoy flexible sex with this beauty as long as possible. I didn’t even notice how she knelt down and pulled my excited cock out of her pants. Her tongue on my cock was so hot and tender. She licked my penis, my testicles, held her tongue along my penis frenum. Oh, this babe was teasing me! I could not stand it, took her by the head and began to fuck her mouth like in real gymnastics porn. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the blonde. And she was already lying on the bar, her head hanging down. It looks like this beauty is not the first time taking part in flexible sex. After all, she managed to do a blowjob upside down, and at that moment another guy fucked her sweet pussy.

The sexiest gymnastics porn exercises

Gymnastics porn video

I decided to keep up and put my redhead on the floor, and then told her to make a stand and stretch her legs in a twine. As for me, it turned out to be an excellent position for oral flexible sex. I licked all the folds of her pussy, making me moan loudly with pleasure. I think that this little girl with her passionate moans and flexibility would definitely go through the casting and become a gymnastics porn star. When the naked ballerina finished violently, I did not give her a rest and change her position, but immediately entered her with my big excited dick. Her tight vagina squeezed my cock, but I could control the depth and speed of movement. And then she suddenly began to finish again, which I did not expect at all and began to finish with her. Her pussy throbbed and squeezed my cock so hard it milked my cock to the last drop. I didn’t remember what happened next. I only remember how I drank a glass of some alcohol and fell asleep right on the floor …

Naked ballet

Since then, my love for gymnastics porn has only intensified. After watching these videos, I, again and again, remember my wonderful birthday. I even created for myself a selection of sites that collect gymnastics porn videos and will share with you the best site of them. So, this site is in my top. Therefore, if you also adore flexible sex, as I do, then follow this link and watch new videos!

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